7th Post (Religion)

Breaking news came out of the Vatican today when it was announced that Pope Paul VI’s miracle from about two decades ago may become a confirmed miracle in the coming months. Pope Paul VI who served in the 60’s and 70’s allegedly healed a woman’s fetus who doctors reconmmended to be aborted after they determined him to have serious problems that could have lead to defects or brain damage. 

The initial article I stumbled upon was from the online version of a news source called Religion News Service. Their article discusses Pope Paul VI’s history in depth through a couple paragraphs followed by a few popes in relation to him before discussing the news at hand. The preliminary paragraphs explain how other popes have helped move Pope Paul VI along the steps leading up to becoming a saint (which will happen if this miracle is confirmed). The details of the recent findings are then explained and left to the fact that if the Vatican medical commission approves the miracle then, Pope Paul VI will be a saint. 

The second related article I found was from a more well known world wide news source. The Huffington Post article was surprisingly and eerily similar to the religionnews.com article. This article had the same exact formatting starting with the history recap followed by the mentioning of the same other pope’s the religionnews.com article had before getting to the story with the woman’s fetus. it is not the similar formatting that is all too suspicious but the same wording is used throughout in the exact same spots. However, the one difference I noticed between the two was the Religion News Service article headlines the story as “alleged” while the Huffington Post article does not. 

In summary, the articles are most likely similar to a lack of information at the present time on a rather major story in the world of religion. However, there is the possibility that the major news conglomerate swiped the story and reporting of the lesser know religion news source to drive page views due to a lack of effort. 


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